Biography of Fala Chen, a French diplomat who loves to fly to Europe

Fala Chen loves handsome French diplomat Fala Chen love flying Europe resort French diplomat Fala Chen exposes 18 year old little meat and then rejected the pursuit of entertainment Tencent 3 years ago with the Neway Prince Xue Shiheng Ye divorce, after the expiry of wireless, Fala Chen went to the mainland fishing gold to the United States after education in New York, enrolled in drama master Julia College school. God is back to Hong Kong by inviting China to do summer job, with 35 stage play "ex", the hugely popular, popularity rebound. However, there are reports that the school is proud of the cause of Fala Chen, even love is good. Have friends, Fala Chen and former French diplomat Emmanuel Straschnov in Japan metrosexual man fell in love, had been secretly dating for half a year. About the new Emmanuel, Harvard graduate, China love culture, in addition to speak fluent Mandarin, but also changed the Chinese name "Smano", and now engage in their own IT business, founded Bubble computer program, designed to teach people to establish their own web pages with app. Fala want to low-key love, her boyfriend to accompany the former Fala back to Hongkong to shoot commercials. Now with China the drama has ended, Fala is not anxious to fly back to New York, but to leave europe. The people in love each other, do not afraid of flying.相关的主题文章:

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The first female fighter pilots in flight training sacrifice is known as the Golden Peacock – Beijin

The first female fighter pilots in flight training sacrifice is known as the "Golden Peacock" – Zhuhai Beijing during the show, Yu Xu and the flag photo. JINGWAH Times reporter Tao Ran photo JINGWAH times (reporter Pan Shanju) yesterday, the network air force air force air force aircraft accident occurred in Hebei, Tangshan county. In this regard, the air force authorities confirmed that China’s first female fighter pilot Yu Xu were killed, only 30 years old. It is understood that more than Asahi last appeared in the public eye, is a stunt in last week’s Zhuhai air show. It is understood that located in the vicinity of the village of Tianjin, Wuqing, Military airports, is the base of the Bayi flight performance team, usually aircraft landing. As one of the four world third generation supersonic flight demonstration team, the main task of Bayi aerobatic team is welcome and foreign etiquette stunt flying, the use of models is made of two seater fighter f -10. Yesterday, according to the Yutian local friends broke the news, the morning of November 12, 2016, in Tianjin over Wuqing (suspected) performing aircraft flight training accident, crashed into the Yutian County Chen Jia Pu Xiang Ma Quan Cun, the pilot landed in Yutian Yang Town Board Xia Hong kong. The machine front male pilots ejected successfully, the body is injured, have been sent to the local hospital of Yutian County, is located in the rear of the female pilot parachute failed killed. The same day, the county government leaders and relevant departments of the armed forces, public security, fire, medical and other relevant departments have rushed to the scene. The specific circumstances of the accident is under investigation. This reporter learned from multiple sources, the victims of female pilots for China’s first female fighter pilot Yu Xu, she is the 4 female pilots in China at present is one of the flight performance qualification. Around 11 o’clock last night, the air force spokesman Shen also confirmed that Yu Xu in the flight training unfortunate sacrifice. Air force spokesman Shen said that the flight is the cause of the brave, to ensure flight safety, is the common pursuit of the world’s air force and good wishes. Yu Xu, the air force pilot, died in the flight training, we lost a good comrade in arms. The air force officers and soldiers to Comrade Yu Xu’s unfortunate sacrifice, deeply regret and condolences. – the dead female fighter flying known as the "Peacock" in just two years time, the reporter repeatedly face-to-face interview with Xu yu. She loves to laugh, treat the media easy-going, there is a female pilots who own heroic spirit, bones reveal self-confidence. Yu Xu is known as the "Golden Peacock Blue Sky", the Air Force Captain Bayi performance team, is China’s eighth batch of female pilots. She was born in Sichuan, Chongzhou in 1986. She wanted to be a pilot since she was a child. 9:56 on July 29, 2012, north of an airport on the flight, Yu Xu dressed in new articles, in the f -10 fighter cockpit. Loose brake, refueling door, pull rod…… With the f -10 fighter came up, flutter and fall, Yu Xu became the first female pilot Chinese f -10, this is the first female fighter pilots to control China’s self-developed three generation fighter first solo flight. The 60 anniversary of National Day parade as -8 echelon wingman as China’s number three generation female pilots,.相关的主题文章:

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October 1st Zhengzhou botanical garden will be free to open tickets free – Henan branch – Peo

October 1st   Zhengzhou botanical garden will cancel tickets free — Henan branch network, yesterday, Municipal Gardens Bureau held a news briefing to announce, from October 1st onwards, the Zhengzhou botanical garden to cancel tickets, free open to the general public. Zhengzhou botanical garden is located in the Central Plains West Road and West Fourth Ring Intersection 500 meters south, east of the West Fourth Ring Road, north of flood control road, with a total land area of 861.84 acres. Built in October 1, 2008 to open to the public, there are more than 1500 kinds of plants in the park more than 10 kinds of plants. Prior to the entrance tickets for 10 yuan, exhibition greenhouse tickets for $15. Free from October 1st. Taking into account the increased traffic brought about by the management issues, from October 1st to the end of this year for the transition period. In the meantime, the gates open 6 to 18 hours a day. Starting from January 1st next year, 6 to 22 hours a day open. Open the tropical Conservatory and bonsai garden every day 9 am to 17 pm every Monday, the park closed maintenance. In order to ensure a smooth and orderly traffic during the National Day, exhibition greenhouse on more, tropical rare plants space smaller reservation admission, i.e. tourists receive on-site tickets in batches to visit every day, limited to 3000 passengers. (reporter Pei Qijuan) (Xin Jing and Xu Chi: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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